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Brand Package 3

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Brand Package 3

Here's what to expect:

What's Included with the package: 

All packages will include a 30-minute consultation, so we can discuss the choices and the vision of the brand.


Branding : Your drafts will be sent to you for review within 4- 7 business days (depending on how many clients are ahead of you at the time your order is placed).

Revisions will be made within 48-72 business hours.

Revision/Concept Explanation:

A revision can be a color change, font change, or any other minor change.  However, a revision is NOT an opportunity to get a new/different design.

You get 1 revision per design.  That gives you the opportunity to make changes all in 1 shot (meaning you need to email us all of your changes in 1 email). 

What can I do to better ensure that my drafts will be perfect or to my liking?

You can start by making sure that the info you send us is accurate (your prices as well as any other info. that you want on your drafts).  

You can also go on our social media page at (or any other social media page) to see examples of other people's branding  (that you might like), and screenshot them to us, so that we have a better idea of what you want (send all correspondences to  

Lastly, you can make sure that you CLEARLY articulate to us what it is that you want. This gives us a lot of direction about what you want.

How long does it take to receive revisions?

Revision time varies based on what the revision(s) are (as well as how many people are pending ahead of you).  Generally, the turnaround time can be within a few hours up to 48 hours (just depending on the circumstances).  

For your Website:

You will get a professionally designed site that is easy to navigate and maintain.

  • Up to 4main pages (such as: home, shop, policies, contact, etc).
  • 3 customized home page banners(to design your site) that will capture & appeal to your target audience (limit of 4 banners per site). Additional banners may be purchased for $35 each.
  • 30 of your products or services uploaded. Additional products can be uploaded by you once the site is complete, or you may purchase additional uploads from us.
  • Up to 2specialty features (such as pop up email subscription, gallery slideshow, live chat, etc).
  • Social media integration (we will integrate your social media account(s) to your site if you would like).

FINALIZATION : All drafts will be sent to you via email, printed items will be shipped and tracking number will be provided. Once your website is complete (meaning you have given us the final approval), we will give you access and ownership to the site, and we will no longer make any corrections, changes/revisions to the site.

If you have any difficulties (technical or otherwise) after we give you the ownership, we will be able to provide support for 30-days. If we can’t assist you, we would suggest you contact Shopify.

Additionally, we can provide a website walkthrough for an additional cost of $45. The walk through will show you how to manage your site and make simple changes.


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